Even the most brilliant vision can’t come to life without a road map and skillful execution. Years of project management experience have equipped J2 Media Consulting with the leadership and skills necessary to streamline your processes. Over nearly 20 years in the telecommunications industry, we have overcome a wide variety of unique obstacles.  From urgent deadlines to budgetary constraints and beyond, J2 Media is ready to step into your business, prioritize needs, and manage your challenging projects efficiently to drive your business forward.

Count on our expertise as a resource in developing efficient, cost-effective solutions. We’re your on-call partner, prepared to tackle the multitude of challenges you face in a constantly changing media landscape.  We have spent years navigating intricate corporate structures and leading varied teams with competing priorities to achieve consensus and successful results.  As a bonus, our cross-functional approach leads to organizational efficiency and company-wide collaboration.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Neil Brubaker, VP Content Distribution, Revolt TV & Media

“I have known Jason for close to 15 years, having worked with him for the better part of 10 while at ESPN.  Jason's broad experience, competitive spirit and highly strategic approach will serve his clients well.  I would feel very comfortable referring anyone to Jason, knowing he will do it whatever it takes to achieve ultimate success." ​